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The methods

As with the techniques used for pile stabilization, the type of foundation influences the methods of waterproofing.

MS delta membranes

The installation of a “delta MS” membrane, in addition to increasing the service life of the sprayed asphalt film, provides additional waterproofing. The protrusions that are molded allow the presence of an air gap between the embankment and the foundation. Water can easily make its way to the drain. In addition, it allows the internal water vapor to condense and reach the drain. This membrane is used to isolate the foundation from the surface moisture, thus reducing the indoor moisture level and the presence of musty odors.


Its installation is simple and can be carried out immediately after the application of the asphalt spray. It is sufficient to nail the membrane to the foundations and to seal the upper part at its end (ground level) with liquefied bitumen.

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