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To distinguish a problem of foundations or to see how we work, it is always interesting to compare with what has already been done.



From the exterior:

Appearance of crack on your foundation

A foundation problem can explain the presence of cracks on the latter, however, it can also affect the entire building.


Foundations are used to transfer building loads to the ground to ensure stability. Thus, subsidence is usually a sign of weakness in recent years.

Spacing around doors and windows

The most favorable places for this kind of phenomenon are the openings made on the foundations. However, during important movements, they can also appear on the upper floors.

Movement of the chemney

A movement of the chimney can make it possible to note that there is movement of a building, thus instability at the level of the foundations of the latter. Since the chimney crosses all the structural elements of a building, it is a key witness often neglected.

From the interior:

Cracks in the walls

Cracking of interior finishes is usually caused by movement of the building. Foundations are usually questioned.

Cracks in the floors

In any type of construction, floors are an essential structural component that is inevitably related to foundations. As a result, the origin of cracks at their level may be dependent on a deficiency of the foundations.

Bad operation of doors and windows

When it becomes difficult to close or open a door or window, it becomes possible to suspect a movement of the foundations, which may be the cause of the problem.

Floor or wall movement

Positioning a level on floors and walls allows you to quickly get an idea of the stability of a building. In addition, a similar level of unevenness on each floor can lead to a quick localization of the problem.

Water infiltration

The waterproofing of a foundation and the use of good drainage methods around it are essential in order to stop any problem of water infiltration. All in all, it should be known that the absence of cracks in the foundations does not guarantee the good condition of these. They can move monolithically and cause all kinds of problems visible in other places. Once one of these signs has been identified, it is important to favor a quick response to minimize the importance of work that may become significantly more important in the event of negligence.

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