Complex excavation?

Essential support

During excavation work, whether for the construction of a building, infrastructure or soil decontamination, excavations often have to be near buildings. It is not possible to demolish or move (sidewalk, canalization, street …). It is sometimes necessary to support the excavation walls or to support foundations in order to complete the project. Each project is different and brings its difficulties.

Why Fondabec ?

Groupe Fondabec has, over time, acquired several safe and optimal techniques that make it easier for contractors to excavate and decontaminate soils at a competitive price.

Offered services :

  • Berlin wall (woodwork) for ground support
  • Driven piles for shoring or support
  • Hydrolic piles for shoring and support
  • Structural shoring with steel structure

The best choice

Excavation work in an urban environment? Groupe Fondabec have the solutions in terms of support and shoring!

Mur berlinois Nissan 1 Fondabec

Need support and shoring?

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