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To identify your needs as a foundation replacement or to see how we work, it is always interesting to compare with what has already been done.

Why replace an existing foundation?

Sometimes a foundation repair is not enough to ensure the good behavior of the latter. In this case, the correct solution to remedy the problem is its replacement.

Here are some clues that your foundations need to be replaced:

  • Severe erosion of foundations
  • Cracks too big to repair
  • Presence of pyrrhotite in foundations
  • Poor quality of concrete in place

The replacement of foundations are major works and require the intervention of a qualified company.
Here are the necessary interventions when replacing a foundation:

  • Excavation of foundations
  • Shoring of masonry with steel angle
  • Shoring the structure safely
  • The formwork of the serifs
  • Foundation formwork
  • Waterproofing foundations and installing a drainage system
  • Stabilization of foundations with piles (when required)


Need to repair a crack?

You can write to us or call us. It will be a pleasure to help you.